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Lynx Wireless wind gauge kit
Lynx Camera Cover for Older Etherlynx 2000
These are 3D printed covers using PLA material and coated in a water seal paint.
3d Printed Rain Cover
Lynx Wireless wind gauge kit (1)
Kit includes:
1 - 3D Printed wind gauge mount for wireless adapter. Printed in Clear PETG so you can see power LED's. Cover with ziplock bag in case of rain.
1 - Small bungee cord to secure to wind gauge
1 - Serial Wifi Adapter pre-programmed to your desired IP address and configured for your network
1 - 9 pin male/male gender changer
1 - extra large 10db dual band antenna (optional for serial adapter)

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. System will work with a clear line of sight to router. Can use DHCP or static IP.
You will need a USB power source for Serial adapter and a 12v banana plug power source for wind gauge. I can include a 12v cigarette to banana adapter if needed. Wind gauge not included.
Lynx Wireless wind gauge kit
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