Welcome to phototiming.com. I provide timing services for Track meets and road races and anything that crosses a finish line. Entries can be done online Athletic.net, Runnercard.com, DirectAthletics, Milesplit or any other online service. TFRRS reporting on all collegiate meets included. Please email me for a quote on your event. I service mainly CA but can travel anywhere. I have been timing meets/events since 1989, and was a former Lynx sales rep. I also provide Lynx training services worldwide. I also sell a full line of athletic equipment for any sport through VS Athletics. Feel free to email me for info.

Select seeding is also available for meets, example:I can seed lanes 1,4,8 to separate athletes. Just run more heats to stay safe. Have field/laned event only meets!

For local Timing/Beerfest/event merchandise, click here.


LED Board (1)
1 LED Board

Results Hosting Services for timers:

You can rent your own Timers.us FTP folder to upload results to for your meets. $100/yr flat fee, unlimited meets. You will get ftp login info so you can setup your own folders. Email doug for details.


Finish Line Clock rental: $75/day - Self rental, tripod included. The clock requires AC power, it does not have an internal battery. I can provide a battery that will last 2-3 hours for $25 more.

2 Screen Layout
2 Screen Layout

I also have downloadable stopwatches and printing stopwatches you can rent for $50 ea.

I have two 25" LED Video Display panels that can be rented for events (not just sports related). Contact me for details.

I have a drone that I can operate at your event (with participant approval) for HD overhead photos/videos. Contact me for details.



Finish Clock
  • Basic point-n-shoot timing with no data (no entries, no seeding, just a printout with times): $500/day
  • HS/College Dual/Tri/Quad meets with data entry, seeding and results: $700 and up Email me for a quote
  • Large Championships/Invitationals (over 8 schools): Email me for a quote

Wind gauge is included on all College and HS Invitationals and league championship meets, no extra charge. Add $50 to add it for smaller meets.

Live online results included on all meets, no extra charge.(subject to available cell or wifi reception)

All timing includes 2-line LED scoreboard/clock at finish. Display scrolls through results including names, wind speed and lane #. Contact me for bigger LED boards (shown above) as well as daylight visible monitor..

Daylight visible LED
Daylight visible monitor

You provide hip numbers for your clerk if data is being used.

Extra running results displays are available to add to a meet (pressbox, coaches area, etc..) for a small fee.

Cross Country:

  • Basic XC timing: $200 plus $200 per race. Includes generic bib numbers, pins, online entry, online results. Add $50/race for Live online results (finish only).
  • RFID Lynx XC timing $400/race. Uses Lynx camera and bib chips for identification. Tear off tags and video are a backup.

I do not provide remote split points nor start/finish "net chip" times unless needed. RFID is finish only from a common gun start.

You provide chute workers (3 minimum) and finish chute to your liking. I will provide all timing gear, tag stringers, finish line banner flag, finish line clock.

RFID chip timing is not accurate by itself for XC races. The read zone for chips is too broad to determine place even with mats.

Road Races:

  • Small races under 400 runners: $600 - includes online entry, age group results, online results, generic bib numbers, pins and optional rfid finish line only timing with video backup. RFID bib tags are 0.30 each added to that cost. Custom bibs are extra depending on needs.
  • Larger races Email me for a quote

You provide chute workers (3 minimum) and finish chute. I have limited chute materials for small races. I will provide all timing gear, tag stringers, finish line banner flag, finish line clock.

Extra services:

  • Results Kiosk/display (daylight visible monitor shows results when bib is in range): add $100
  • Tag Check - Shows registrants info for verification on a monitor/laptop: add $200
  • Announcer Screen - Shows athlete info for announcer: add $150


Special events:Morro Bay Skate event

I can time anything that crosses a finish line. Cheaper rates for photofinish only (no timing) are available, Email me for a quote

Lynx Training:

I provide Finishlynx training services at your facility using your equipment:$600/day (non-event), no limit on # of people or time. If during an actual meet where results are produced, add $200/day. I am a former Lynx sales rep and still actively sell all Lynx equipment through my day job at VS Athletics.

The rates above are within a 100 mile radius of 93401 zip code. Travel expenses will be added to these rates depending on location. Rates shown are subject to change without notice and are to be used as a guideline only.

Payment or donations can be made by Paypal, Bravo, Venmo (@Doug-Lynch3) . I also accept most cryptocurrencies. Email me for my wallet info.


I do not require a contract HOWEVER, if your event is canceled after I have bought supplies specifically for your event (ex: custom bibs) that cannot be used on other events, then a fee will be assessed to cover those costs. Also, if your event is canceled after it starts (severe weather or other factor) there is a minimum fee based on location for starting the event. If weather is a factor, I will contact you prior to your date to let you know all possible scenarios.

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